Design a home. Build a lifetime of memories.

Your home is a place where you’ll make memories that will last forever. That’s why we’re on a mission to help you create a home customised to fit your needs, one that showcases your personality, stands the test of time and delivers comfortable living for years.


When you choose to work with H4 to design exactly the house you would like to live in, you:

  1. Escape the limitations of working with a project home builder with a set number of designs and limited flexibility
  2. Won’t have to wait months for a designer to deliver plans you might not be able to build because the design wasn’t tailored to your budget

We design and build:

  • Homes that fit your aesthetic and work the way you want
  • Homes that belong in their landscape; homes that are cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Homes that are built using the latest technology and knowledge

We don’t build homes to win awards, but we have won awards. We build homes because we live with a passion to see people across Australia in houses that are safe, healthy, energy efficient and kinder to the environment.


Investments don’t get much bigger or more personal than your home. And if you’re investing in building your own home, there are some things you should definitely know before you start. These are things we’re passionate about.
The National Construction Code is a minimum
Building a house to meet the NCC means building to minimum standards. For instance, your house will be the least thermally and energy efficient home you’re legally allowed to build.Also, what is designed on paper isn’t necessarily what’s built because Australian building codes don’t require tests on thermal and energy performance. (You might design the most energy efficient fridge imaginable, but if you build it full of holes…) One study tested new houses inthree Australian cities. They were supposedly built to achieve a six-star energy rating but 700 of them achieved only between 3 and 3.5 stars.Energy efficiency is something we can help you make an informed decision about before your house is built. Our goal is tobuild you a house that exceeds the standard building code,so it’s comfortable year round and saves you money every year you’re living in it. There is a range of things we can do, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You’ll also be helping theenvironment by causing fewer carbon emissions.Ask us about it
Brisbane isn’t Sydney and Sydney isn’t Melbourne.
Your house should be designed for where you live. You want to be sure you’re not buying a house designed for Brisbaneif you’ll be living in it through a Melbourne winter. (This, and similar critical design anomalies, happen more than you would think.)
Knowledge is increasing all the time
Evolving technology—from thermal slabs to glazing—makes it easier every year to build a home that will work with the weather and withstand extreme events. But keeping up with it all takes commitment. Not everyone in house design and construction is committed to innovation, which is why we see so many houses that could have delivered so much more comfort and efficiency with a little more know-how and current knowledge of materials.


Regardless of whether you are building a custom home or one of our inspirational low energy designs, we take great care to ensure that your home will achieve a superior level of energy efficiency and thermal comfort better than the average home. The following design principles are taken into consideration and can be taken to the “Passivhaus” level.


SOLAR PASSIVE Design Principle (standard)

Each H4 Home, through careful positioning of room layouts, orientation, ventilation, shading, continuity of insulation and air tightness, achieves superior levels of comfort regardless of any budget.

  • Collect & store the Sun’s energy to release in winter
  • Superior levels of comfort all year round
  • Insulation to repel the Sun’s heat to keep cool in summer
  • Reduced heating and cooling expenses
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

living housing Design Principle (standard)

  • Easier to enter
  • Easier to enter
  • Designed to better anticipate and respond to the changing needs and abilities of people who live in your homeor who may live there in the future
  • Better for resale
  • Wider corridors
  • No step downs
  • Future lift positions

Passivhaus Design Principle (optional)

Passivhaus is an integrated concept with 50,000 Passivhaus buildings already built worldwide.

All H4 Homes can be easily upgraded to PassiveHaus standard, and certification is now available in Australia.

The core focus of Passivhaus is to dramatically reduce the energy required to warm the house in winter and cool it in summer, while creating healthier indoor air quality.

H4 Living designers and builders will help you achieve the best building standard in the world and within your budget.

H4 High Performance Homes

Passivhaus is an evidence-based performance standard for buildings that affordably delivers radically low-energy consumption, radically low CO2 emissions and a superior and healthier indoor comfort.
Owners can choose to have Certified or Non -Certified Passive Homes.

Please ask our team to find out more………

Who we are

H4 is an award winning Residential Design + Building Hub

A collaborative integrated design and building practice driven by innovation, with a passion to create beautiful homes and major renovations. We believe that everyone deserves great quality design with the most advanced building biology science and techniques available for superior comfort and health.

Building Designers / Residential Designers / Interior Designers

Our building designers can guide you to the house of your dreams from a blank sheet of paper. They’re expert at drawing out your ideal design by asking the right questions, showing you selections of our previous designs, and looking at pictures you might have collected of homes you love. They want you to relax and enjoy the process from start to finish.

With today’s technology, a custom home with features that used to found only in “designer” homes is within most budgets. In fact, our custom homes are more than competitive with restrictive off-the-shelf offerings, so don’t get stuck thinking things are like they used to be and designing the home of your dreams is out of your reach. Our team knows how to design to your budget. You’ll never wait three months for a set of drawings for a house you couldn’t afford to build.

Project Coordinators

Our project coordinators have years of experience getting houses built on time and to budget. You won’t be stuck in the middle between designer and builder wondering why you ever started this project. We want your home to be the foundation of great memories from the moment you walk into our office through to the day we hand you the keys.

Building Teams

Our Building Teams are hand picked for their ability to perform to our high standards.They compete for our work , this ensures you are getting the best market value for building services.We don’t necessarily recommend the ” cheapest” as like everything else you can always find cheaper , with your most valuable asset at risk and to protect our brand we only work with reputable teams that can deliver to our and yours expectation

The H4 Team

  • Jorge Guerreiro

    Jorge Guerreiro

    Project Coordinator

  • Cameron Hooper

    Cameron Hooper


  • Joe Reggi

    Joe Reggi

    Design Manager

  • Candy Oliveira

    Candy Oliveira


  • Elley King

    Elley King

    Design & Drafting

  • Helen Lynch

    Helen Lynch

    Interiors - Project Coordinator

  • Tiago Guerreiro

    Tiago Guerreiro


  • Jacinta Allen

    Jacinta Allen

    Client Services Manager

  • Karyn Mcrae

    Karyn Mcrae

    Interiors - Project Coordinator

  • Kristy Bay

    Kristy Bay

    Interior Designer

  • Chris Burton

    Chris Burton

    3D Designer/ Virtual Reality

  • John Moynihan

    John Moynihan

    Qualified PassivHaus Consultant

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What customers say

“Right from the first day in the H4 office to where we are today in our new home, we are very happy with the whole process and the result we have is very, very satisfying.”

Paul and Anna Borserini

“When we came across the H4 system it ticked all of the boxes, they were very knowledgeable and the quality of workmanship exceeded all our expectations.”

Trevor Cunningham

“H4 living was very transparent, I always tell my friends about the energy efficiency, I feel quite special having a house like this.”

Jeffrey Huang

“H4, Thank you for the wonderful home you and your team have built for us. Being new to the experience of building a house, your team were excellent to deal with. From accommodating the many changes we made through the planning process, to assisting us get our council approvals and finally through the building phase where little things needed changing, every request or concern we had was dealt with both quickly and professionally. Our home continues to evoke a “WOW” factor from visitors. As a family home it functions beautifully and will continue to do so for a long time to come. Since moving in nine months ago, we have plenty of time to ponder any changes we wished we had made. The reality is there are none to speak of which is a testament to the planning process and your willingness to incorporate any changes we had as the house was being built. Once again, thank you to everyone involved. We would certainly recommend you to anyone looking to build a quality home.”

Darren & Lara Crothers

“We have just taken possession of our new “pride and joy” – and it has exceeded all our expectations. Not only did we get a beautiful, individually designed, environmentally sensitive house with the finest finishes, but we thoroughly enjoyed the process to achieve this. H4 could not have been more cooperative, helpful or professional during the entire process.

Their design work was excellent, they had an amazing amount of tolerance and flexibility as we fine-tuned the design in the lead-up to the construction and the build itself, was of the highest order. Everything they promised was delivered (and even more) – and all for the agreed price. From our experience we could have asked for more and would wholeheartedly recommend their team if you are looking for a quality home to be built by a professional, friendly, customer focussed company whose aim is to build high standard homes with minimum fuss for their clients.”

Richard & Helen Palk

“After looking at dozens of display homes, we come across H4 Living, the concept design they come up with was exactly what we wanted and designed for our land. We than decided to upgrade to a Passive Home. Living in our home for the past few months, experiencing a summer and a winter, having owned and lived in other homes, the experience of living in a passive home is beyond words, consistent internal temperatures, filtered fresh air, these guys now their stuff, highly recommended, happy to show our home to anyone interested thanks H4.”

Paul & Regan Gerard