Knock Down & Rebuild

Knock Down & Rebuild

It feels counterintuitive that knocking down a house and building a new one would often cost less than renovating a house that’s already built. But it is true, and not just in the short term. Building principles and materials have moved on. The new house you build today could be far more energy efficient, saving you money for years to come by insulating you from the ever increasing costs of heating and cooling a home.

Knockdown rebuilds mean you get to keep your family in the suburb you know and generally for less per square metre than renovating.

It’s also less risky. We are so careful when we’re planning and costing a renovation, but there are often hidden costs and unforeseeable delays that can only be uncovered when work starts.

Renovating is an exciting concept but it’s a long path of compromises as you work around the existing structure and limitations. A new home is a blank sheet of paper on which to project your dream lifestyle.

And with the right team on your project, you’ll be amazed how fast and seamlessly you can be in a new home custom designed to your family.

If you’re looking to maximise the value of your site, you might want to consider a duplex or dual occupancy.

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