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Planning to build a new Small Lot Home?

Discover How H4 Living can help you create a Small Lot Home that is highly efficient, super comfortable and healthy – utilising your current budget.
By simply controlling 4 Key elements of your build, regardless of architectural design:

Current building standards are outdated and non-performing, homes built today are simply too hot in summer, and too cold in winter… sounds familiar?

Explore Why you should consider a High Performance Small Lot Home.

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“When we came across the H4 system it ticked all of the boxes, they were very knowledgeable and the quality of workmanship exceeded all our expectations.”
Trevor Cunningham

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  • How to avoid home building budget blowouts.
  • Why you shouldn’t fall in love with an “off the shelf” floor plan.
  • Healthy Home = Healthy Family – protect the people you love.
  • Why PassivHaus – the fastest growing building performance standard in the world.
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