Your Step-by-Step guide to a better Home Design and Building Process
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While you tell us about your plans and ideas and what you have in mind for your project, we can answer any questions you may have about our services. Thanks to modern technology/aerial imagery we can remotely view your property or building location as we speak.

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We take time out to understand your objectives, such as:

  • Project feasibility and objectives
  • Discover what’s involved before you commit
  • Possible constraints to look out for
  • Budget considerations based on hundreds of projects experience

This service is Obligation Free


A planning guide to help explore your ideas and planning about your project

The project roadmap will inspire you to take on your new home project or renovation with confidence. Having the project roadmap analysis on your needs and options is perhaps the best decision you can make.

We help you to define objectives, identify crucial planning steps, as well as discuss ideas that you may not yet have thought of. The key to a successful project is comprehensive planning before you dive into design.



  • Site / home visit
  • Discuss your vision
  • Explore project objectives
  • Identify potential site restrictions that may affect design
  • Neighboring properties, privacy, access assessment
  • Local Authority planning requirements
  • Existing service connections
  • Discuss budget considerations
  • Detailed Explanation of H4 Services


Schematic design is the most important step to ensure your project success.

To start your H4 living experience, one of our designers will meet with you either at our offices or at your home.

During this design brief meeting, we will explore your requirements (needs and wants) in depth, aiming to get a complete understanding of project vision.

We start by creating an initial concept sketch, based on your requirements and exploring possible solutions. We work with you to finalise a that works for you. The main objective of this schematic process is to give you confidence and the necessary knowledge to achieve the best possible solution that meets your requirements and expectations within budget.


  • Space planning options ideas
  • Floor planning
  • Inspirational imagery schemes
  • Your preferred design style

COST = $3,000.00 + GST

  • Explore maximise budget requirements
  • Help select H4 Services option
  • Schematic design presentation
  • Preliminary construction cost estimate


Our affordable pay as you go services have been designed specifically for Custom Designed New Homes or Renovations (including Design Only)

Designed to give you confidence and certainty that your idea and home project can become reality without spending thousands upfront.

  • Get started with confidence prior to making any large financial decisions
  • We help you turn your ideas into a beautiful home
  • Custom designed to your exact requirements
  • Maximise budget potential
  • Experts in High Performance Homes + renovations (explore benefits)


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