Australian homes are not what you think.

If you are in the research phase to build a new home or a major renovation this report is specifically for you.

Most people take for granted that Australian building codes will protect them, they assume they are getting the latest state of the art 6-star building technology.

Design looks fantastic, the floor plans are a dream, so why wouldn’t it be?

Unfortunately, it is not the case.

Normally most people only find this out the hard way, after they move in and start to experience the performance of their home through summer and winter.

The bad news – We have some of the worst-performing homes in the developed world.

There is a mould epidemic, heating and cooling demand is enormous, your electricity bills keep rising, carbon emissions are maximised, and people think solar panels are the solution.

Current building codes aren’t adequate to combat the problems.

There is no testing required, what is designed on paper is not how the home will perform in reality, not giving you the benefits you are expecting.

Building a new home or a major renovation is not as simple as it used to be, and everyone you talk to seems to be a design and build or real estate expert.

There is a lot more to be aware of, particularly when you are planning one of life’s most expensive journeys. It pays to be aware and learn as much as possible before you dive into design and building.

Regardless of design, building costs and your partners, if you implement just some of the measures within your project, we feel we have done our job.


Yes, there is a solution that has been developed over the last 28 years.

Passivhaus, a Science Based building standard role model for eco-friendly housing and built to last for future generations. There are a whole bunch of reasons why they assist the environment, increase wellbeing and significantly reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

This building standard is becoming ‘mainstream’ and more affordable by the minute. Governments the world over are increasingly confident that Passivhaus Building standards should become the world building code, for all climate regions.

Timeless and modern, Passive House standards can be adapted to suit both brand new or retrofit existing homes. Design or features are in no way restricted or limited.

Owners might even wish to pursue worldwide certification, prooving that your home is, in fact, unparalleled in comfort, health and environmental impact.

Think of your lifestyle as being a world-class standard. When you live in a Passive House, each design is progressive and dedicated to the healthiest living standards – for all levels of the market – supplying the cleanest breathing air, low-cost energy bills and stylish interiors.

This is science-based eco-engineering at its apex.

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