H4 General Terms and Conditions

1. Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate Range

Prices or ranges quoted in preliminary construction Cost estimates is preliminary and based on industry averages. The final price of construction may vary according to design, specification and Engineering requirements. Final construction prices cannot be determined until a complaint Tender is completed with full detailed design, engineering design and detailed scope of works.

2. Cancellation

The Owners agree that in the event of cancellation for any reason, the Owners will pay all outstanding fees and reimburse all costs incurred by H4 to the date of cancellation. Examples of costs include but are not limited to; soil tests, surveys, consultant’s costs.

3. Project Roadmap

A project roadmap provides information on the site, Owner supplied requirements and publicly available information regarding services, planning and local authority requirements. A project roadmap is not advice and should not be relied upon for any investment, purchase or sale decisions.

4. Schematic Design Changes

Schematic design leads the design direction for the concept design, 2 major refinements /changes are allowed to the schematic design. Further refinements and modifications will be undertaken in Step 1 – Concept Design.

5. Step 1 – Concept Design Changes

Development of the concept design is undertaken in collaboration between H4 and the Owners. The Owners are offered two (2) major concept design changes during Step 1. The two (2) major changes allow for changes to scope and structural changes. Unlimited Minor changes are allowed throughout the Step 1 process.

6. Step 2 – Working Drawing Design Changes

Once final working drawings are complete a further two (2) minor design changes are allowed. Changes allow for minor adjustments and feedback from Owners but does not allow for changes to the scope from initial brief or major structural changes. If you would like a major design change, designer can complete this work based on a standard design rate of $160 +gst per hour.

7. Building Covenants and Design Guidelines

The Owners agree to provide all details in relation for schematic design to comply with Caveats, Building Covenants and Design Guidelines if applicable.

8. Survey and Soil Tests

Owners to provide a contour survey and a soil classification report (soil Test) suitable for Engineering purposes, prior to Step 01 -concept design being undertaken. H4 can arrange soil test and surveys on Owners behalf if required.

9. Copyright

The owners acknowledge that H4 Living Pty Ltd retains sole ownership of all drawings, concepts and specifications and details prepared and presented as part of any stage or works undertaken. In the event that either party withdraws from any Agreement or does not proceed to the next step with H4 for any reason, it is agreed that (a) all concepts, drawings and specifications shall remain the sole property of H4 Living Pty Ltd; and (b) the Owner shall not use, replicate, reproduce any schematics, concepts, drawings or specifications in their possession for any current or future design or building works; and (c) the owner may request full possession of the concepts, drawings and specifications at which time a design copy right release fee calculated at 7% of the lowest Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate (less design fees paid) will apply.

10. Site Signage

Owners agree that H4 Living is authorised to install site signage once Step 1 concept design starts.

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