What Industry Experts are Saying

“The operational energy use in these homes can be very low and in a situation where energy is exponentially getting dearer year on year, an H4 home will prove a great return on investment over time”

Mr Moyniahn believes we need to create a generation of homes that integrate resilience, liveability and low operational energy into the core of the design. Resilience describes a buildings ability to retain its functionality and purpose over a significant time span while minimising the need for maintenance and retrofitting. The H4 best exemplifies this resilience through the structural strength of the home and its ability to endure through climate changes, increased storm activity, fire, etc.

Mr Moynihan is director of Ecolateral, a suitability consultancy based in Brisbane and Tasmania. Mr Moynihan holds a Bachelor of Business, Diploma of Architecture, Graduate Certificate in Carbon Management, Master of Environmental Science(current), Water Efficiency Assessor, Green Star Accredited Professional, EnviroDevelopment Professional, Registered Designer and Builder, QLD registered BCA Expert in Energy Efficiency.

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