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At H4 we have a variety of resources to help you get started, before you make any large financial decisions, our unique approach as been founded on years of experience.


Your Step-by-Step guide to a better Home Design and Building Process

We keep the process simple

H4 Process consists of two phases PRE-DESIGN & DESIGN.


Step 1

Concept Design

Your Vision

Site Analysis

Concept Development

Concept Design

Based on the information learned from the PRE-DESIGN phase, this is one of the most exciting steps in the process.We start to adjust and refine the schematic design idea into a realistic and buildable design, in the form of 3D drawings, views, suggested materials, outdoors integration and general concept detailing.
Step 2

Design Development

Working Drawings

Detail Drawings

3D Virtual Reality

Interiors / Specifications

Once you have approved your concept design, we can start the detailed design documentation.We produce full working drawings, building methods materials, electrical and internal cabinetry drawings, along with other consultants co-ordination (ie engineering).
As part of the design development you will also begin your journey to choosing your color palette and finishes. Our professional interior designers will work alongside you to ensure that your design and style preferences are met (Refer Colour Selections section).After your approval your design is then complete and ready to proceed to the next steps.
Step 3

Tender Management

Tender Documents

Tender Management

Tender Review

Builder Selection

At H4 we take a different approach in working with our network of H4 qualified building teams.Building is extremely competitive, good independent organised teams and trades that perform good quality work are in high demand.We select teams who can demonstrate their to deliver projects similar to your scope of works and we call for competitive tenders.
Our qualified building teams have been carefully selected, vetted and are monitored to ensure they can consistently deliver quality builds at fair prices.
Step 4


Council Approval

Construction Start

Site Inspections


Once step 1- 3 are complete and a H4 building team is allocated, this is an exciting time to see your home being built or renovated right before your eyes.Building an new home or renovation, is an emotional time with many ups and downs. It requires in-depth planning and guidance.
The H4 process is designed to minimise onsite decisions and emphasis the importance of having a co-operative.We offer one point of contact from design to completion.

Construction Costs Calculator

This calculator helps you to estimate the minimum and maximum range of your possible project costs.

Costs provided are an average price, allowing for preliminaries, builders profit and overheads. Costs can provide no more than a rough guide to the probable average cost of your project and can vary significantly based on site conditions, Design ,and fit out and general scope of works.

At H4 one of our key differences, our process is designed to ensure that you have early information about your project cost, without having to spend thousands upfront.

Also our building tendering process , building system, including trades and suppliers, ensures you are getting the best possible market rates for your project.

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    Prices shown are approximate and indicative only. For your specific project please contact H4 Living


At H4 we offer great value for your new home or renovation project. Below please find some of the latest project costs and comparison table. We provide up to 4 building quotes from our trusted building teams.

Savings and Value Comparison Table


Building Science and Technology have improved dramatically in the last few years, Government and industry bodies are struggling to keep up and at cross roads with legislation.

The National Construction Code (NCC) sets residential building standards to a “minimum” acceptable or “deemed-to-satisfy solution”.

In an extremely competitive environment most building companies (home builders) have no choice to provide only “minimum requirements” in order to compete. Unfortunately this is giving all of us very poor performing and built quality homes. The Code comparatively to other countries, also DOES NOT REQUIRE measurable building performance standards.


5 KEY ELEMENTS that have been identified regardless of home design/budget/climate zone, in order to produce a Healthy and Thermally efficient Home.

1-Quality Glazing, 2-Continuous Insulation, 3- Air Tightness, 4- Eliminate Thermal Bridging, 5- Ventilation.

Experience the difference of an H4 Living Home

H4 Standard


H4 Standard

  • A – Glazing
    • – EnergyTech™ + SolTech™ Insulating Low-e performance glass.
  • B – Insulation
    • – High ‘R’ value insulation to walls, Floor, Ceilings & Roof.
    • – External wall wrap vapour permeable membrane designed to allow moisture to escape /twice as permeable than most wraps -exceeds AS/NZ 4200.
  • C – Air Tightness
    • – Air sealing, extra care with airtightness.
    • – Seal/Tape penetrations minimize air leaks.
  • D – Thermal Bridging
    • – Careful attention to minimize thermal bridging.
    • – Void forming slabs where possible (Waffle Pod or Cupolex®) under slabs.
    • – Thermal break strips on steel frames.
  • E – Ventilation
    • – Roof & Eaves ventilation, SupaVent -exhaust heat& moisture from roof without use of elec. Energy.
    • – Cross flow ventilation attention to all design.
    • – Vented & drained wall cavity to reduce mould/moisture build up, between cladding and structural frame.
    • NOTES: H4 Standard Inclusions to the “Building Fabric’ exceeds the National Construction Code , based on building science , an holistic approach to a better /healthier built home regardless of building budget .We do not compromise in our High Standards, and Nature will thank you.
H4 Standard

All H4 Standard Homes can easily be upgraded to PassivHaus

  • A – Glazing
    • – Double or Triple glazing with ThermoTech with Low-E coating/Argon Gas filled.
  • B – Insulation
    • – High ‘R’ value insulation to walls, Floor, Ceilings & Roof.
    • – Solitex Extasana External wall wrap-High performance ,low vapour permeable ,high water resistance membrane -exceeds AS/NZ 4200.
    • – Intello -High Performance moisture control and air tightness membrane.
    • – Additional Services Cavity to External Walls.
  • C – Air Tightness
    • – Below 0.6 air changes per hour.
    • – Additional seal/tape/protect.
    • – Blower door air pressure test certification of performance.
  • D – Thermal Bridging
    • – Designed to minimise all possible thermal bridging.
    • – 50mm XPX insulation to under slabs where applicable.
    • – Void forming slabs where aplicable (Waffle Pod or Cupolex®) under slab.
    • – Thermal Performance test report.
  • E – Ventilation
    • – Heat/Energy Recovery Ventilation throughout.
    • – Vented & drained wall cavity to reduce mould/moisture build up , between cladding and structural frame.
    • NOTES: Proved and tested /measured over 55000 buildings.

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