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A Simplified 4 Step guide to your new home.
Concept to Completion made easy.


  • Our Unique Process – we believe that we have the best process in the country to achieve your New Home or Major Renovation, hassle-free and One Point of Contact from Concept to Completion
  • How you can achieve your dream home or rennovation tailored exactly to your requirements and design style.
  • How to achieve a High Performance Home, which is amazingly comfortable, healthier for occupants, beautifully designed, and greatly reduces harmful effects on the environment while staying within budget

Design Only or Design + Build Services

H4 Process Consists of Two Phases


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Step 1

Concept Design

We help you create a better home.

Our affordable initial Concept Design Package is the first Step to explore possibilities based on your vision, and provide you options of what is possible within your current budget.

Often, people are hesitant to consider a sustainable, low-energy, healthy High Performance Home, because they fear it will cost more or that it may not look attractive enough. This could not be further from the truth, we believe that are more affordable than conventionally built homes over the long term.

High Performance Homes (PassivHaus) are extraordinary comfortable, super energy efficient, healthier with controlled humidity and pollen /dust free fresh air, quieter and you are helping our planet with less emissions.

In our focus to provide you a better home ,we present you with three options to consider, so you can make an informed decision.

  • Built to Standard building code
  • Built to High Performance Standards
  • Built to Certified PassivHaus Standard

Regardless of each option you choose, we utilize the Passive House design approach, that relies on advanced building science, and we test how the house will perform before its built, reassuring you what is being designed will perform exactly as planned. No other building standard in the world does this “Proven -Tested – Measured in over 80 000” projects worldwide. Welcome to H4 Living, we hope we can assist to bring your vision to life.

More Comfort – Less Energy – Healthier Living – Sustainable


  • Conceptual Design
  • Site plan
  • Floor Plans/Elevation
  • Outdoor Pool Planning
  • Inspirational Similar Images
  • Exterior 3D Perspective
  • Mid Planning Design Check Direction
  • Standard Premium Specification
  • Preliminary Building Quote Range Options
  • Presentation

COST = $3500.00 +GST

Concept Design

Concept Development

Step 2

Design Development

Design development is the next stage to fully complete a set of detailed drawings.

Almost all residential projects will require external consultant’s co-ordination.

H4 Living over the years has selected exceptional consultants, Ie: Structural Engineers/ Town Planners /Mechanical Ventilation/Bushfire Reports/Nathers /Basix /Private Certifiers etc. to name a few.

Prior to finalize working drawings, a co-ordination issue set of drawings is produced to work with external consultants required for your own project and Local Council.

Design adjustments alterations required to complete full bills of quantities and firming up supplier and building costs.


  • Fully dimensioned drawings
  • Floor plans/elevations/sections
  • Roof Plan
  • Slab Layout
  • Electrical layout
  • Kitchen /Bathroom Details
  • Door & Window Schedules
  • Construccion details
  • 3 D perspectives
  • Local Authority requirements
  • External Consultants Co-ordination
  • Specification & Schedule of fittings
  • PHPP Thermal Analysis
  • Colour Selections

COST – FEE PROPOSAL (Project Dependent)

3D Virtual Reality

Step 3

Contract Documentation

On completion of STEP 2 and STEP 3 Building Contract Documentation is prepared.


  • External Consultants Co-ordination
  • Drawing revision reconciliation
  • Specification /schedule fittings completion
  • Detailed Scope of Works
  • Final selections reconciliation
  • Cost adjustments
  • Preparation of Residential Building Contract
  • Contract Signing process & Construccion Deposit
  • D.A. Development Approval when applicable
  • B.A. Building Approval
  • Local Authority /Private Certification lodgement
  • Finance Approval: Co-Ordination when required
  • Insurances

Contract Documentation

Step 4


Construction process should be an enjoyable time, building or renovating a home is a complex orchestration of a thousand detailed tasks. H4 Living processes, personal attention, one point of contact, are designed for you to relax and enjoy your building journey.

Building to H4 Living quality requirements particular with high performance /passivehomes detailing, requires trained and qualified building teams. Our teams are all handpicked based on experience and evidence of ethics, they are all Licensed and Certified builders, Members of Building Associations (not trades supervisors looking after 20 homes simultaneously). Most are trained or being trained as ‘PassivHaus Certified” Tradespeople, and we regularly have training sessions to ensure a best building experience and expected quality of an H4 Living designed Home.

Design Team works along Build Teams to ensure quality of design intent is met, and regular milestone quality inspections are conducted during the build. A final independent quality building inspection at handover is also conducted and reported to H4/Owners prior to Handover.

With our Sustainability focus and helping you create the best possible home, all materials, internal finishes, fittings are selected from reputable companies (not just the cheapest possible).

If you decide to build with our High Performance / PassivHaus upgrades, we invite you to participate on all Blower Door air pressure testing to ensure that future performance is exactly as planned.

We hope we can assist to bring your vision to life

H4 = More Comfort – Less Energy – Healthier Living – Sustainable

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