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Many people believe that a custom home is beyond their budget. The truth is a H4 custom home can be priced comparatively better than project homes with a one size fits all approach. You are also able to create unique design features normally only found in expensive homes. Whether it’s your new home or a renovation to your existing property, every H4 Living home is the result of our unique system, which integrates innovative, good quality design with affordable construction services.

5 Reasons To Build Custom

1. Built Exclusively around you.

There’s no substitute for designing and building a home filled with all sorts of choices made by you. With a H4 home you’re not limited to just decorating rooms, your home will have your vision and be a place for you to express yourself in ways you never expected. It starts with your vision combined with our Sydney house designers, which will develop your ideas into reality. It took years for you to be in this position, to be able to create a home designed and built around you, why should you compromise?

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2. Designed for your lifestyle – Custom Home Designs Sydney

We all like to live differently, personalizing to your exact requirements is extremely important. You may prefer to live mostly outdoors, or prefer to entertain indoors, there is nothing wrong in creating the spaces exactly the way you want. You can either choose to design a fully custom home or adapt from our inspirational home designs that our Sydney Home Designers have created. Our Sydney Custom Home Builders will then build to the exact high quality standards that H4 is famous for.

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3. Superior Living & Energy Efficiency

Our new home builders in Sydney are trained in the highest standards of energy efficient home design and have your family’s comfort in mind. Our homes are designed for lower energy bills and increased comfort regardless of design style or budget. We can also customise the passivhaus standard into most home designs, which is the world’s number 1 building certification, guaranteeing you state of the art comfort and energy efficiency.

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4. Enjoy the process of your Custom Home in Sydney

We don’t build homes without you, we build them with you. H4 has developed a collaborative system, with our Sydney Home Designers, and our certified and approved Sydney Home Builders, which combines multiple client side services to offer Australia’s best value custom home solutions in the industry.

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