We have multi-award winning design teams who are amongst the best in the state (our most recent award was the 2015 Qld Design of the Year) will be very rare if we don’t fulfil your design requirements.

Our Stage 1 Design 3+1= H4 is one of our key differences , we start by presenting you 3 optional concepts, and exploring all possibilities within your price range , you will be amazed of what our designers can do.

Very common problem in the industry, statistics say that anywhere from 15-35% additional unexpected costs when you are building. We start the cost control process during the early design stages with our industry leading 3D Precision Estimating Software and Building Information Modelling (BIM). This ensures very accurate cost controls, at early stage of the design process rather than the traditional industry approach, one of our key differences.

Generally not unless;

  1. a) You change the scope of works or specifications, or any engineering or soil conditions alter the design as these are unforeseen circumstances out of our control.
  2. b) With renovations and additions we cannot destroy the house to see what’s going on behind the walls, Very rarely there are unforeseen structural requirements that may add additional cost to your project. Although our design and build teams are very experienced and will do their best to identify any areas of concern at early design stage.

Stage 2 Design development is the preparation of all documentation in order to obtain a detailed and accurate tender for your specific project, either a new home, major renovation or a home improvement.

Your H4 Project manager will give you a quote for your specific project up front, so there are no surprises and you have absolute clarity for your specific project costs.

As an example a 300m2 low set home on a flat block, will have completely different costs to a 300m2 three level major renovation.

Also you may want to supply or look after certain materials or processes  ie; colour selections, town planning approvals, contract administration etc, You are in control of the process and choose the options that you may consider more or less important for you.

Copyright and ownership of the plans transfers to you once you have paid all associated design, release or consultant fees if applicable.

On the contrary, you can expect savings between 5 to 20% (project dependent) by using our services. Cost savings are achieved through:

Careful scope and design service ensure budgets are maintained from the start

Tendering service ensures competitive pricing

Our wholesale buying power from leading suppliers

Builders will not treat you as a “one off” buyer.

Strict variations policies, that otherwise may cost you more

One point of contact for entire project, assistance from your point of view.

Security Account management for stage payments.

Builders want to service our clients better for more continued work and ratings.

Invaluable experience and advice from H4 building professionals.

Absolutely, ultimately the decision is yours. Any building work either a new home or a major renovation is a specialized field.

We only recommend builders or teams that we know specialise in the type of construction relevant to your project. Looking just for the cheapest builder usually ends up being more expensive so as well as competing on price the builders we recommend must have solid credentials and experience.

Our screening process for builders / trades /suppliers that haven’t worked with us previously is very detailed and, if they pass our criteria selection process we welcome them to join us.

With our systems you are in control and services are designed to assist you with your building, renovation, home improvement vision.

No problem at all, ultimately the decision is yours, but we caution that without experience you may underestimate the time, money and processes required to do it yourself, as well as not having anyone on your side of the fence protecting your interests.

From our experiences, most people who try to do this themselves regret it and end up spending more time and money than they planned.


Integrated Design and Build service

Get up to 4 Building Quotes from Independent master builders

No extra costs to you

One Point of contact to entire process

Visualise completed project in 3D before it’s built

24/7 online updates and progress management system

Fixed price contracts – Confidence and certainty

Certified and Rated Contractors

Independent Quality Inspector

6 Years Structural Guarantee on all work performed

Cost savings from 5 to 20%

Established an robust tendering system


Our custom built software streamlines the costing process, so less time spent on quoting /meeting clients and acquiring jobs.

Less administrative processes, less time on paperwork, equals more time on jobs.

Tender Process are detailed which ensures fair prices and benefits the homeowner.

There are no advertising or marketing costs to acquire work and no need for expensive display homes or sales people.

Back up support and access to our wholesale suppliers for more competitive pricing on materials

Back up support from our Experienced Project Coordinators to ensure projects can avoid delays

H4 continually supply qualified leads for building projects.


Depending on the size and specific requirements you have the Budget required can vary.  Most family homes realistically start from $350,000 complete and can go up into the many millions for luxury mansions. Let us know what you’re after and we can give you a guide to see if it’s within the budget you have allowed.



Renovation costs more so than new home costs can vary substantially depending on the scope of works required. Contact us and we can discuss national averages and similar projects from our experience so you can gauge if what you’re after is within the budget you are setting aside.



Small renovations, a façade refurbishment ,a new bathroom or kitchen, in fact any jobs that will require co-ordination of more than one trade, in general start from $15,000 and can increase depending on the scope of works required. Contact us and one of our Project Managers can discuss your needs and offer guides based on our previous experience.


If you require only one trade, like a plumber to clear a drain or a landscaper to regular mow your lawn or a carpenter to fix a lock then our services are not required and you are best to seek a local supplier in your area.

The answer is simply that we give you;


Our business model is based on BIM (Building Information Modelling) where all parties come together to achieve a successful project. Like many European countries that have already adopted this system, Australia at government level is considering implementing this process in all government building projects starting from 2016.

You benefit from the cost savings, time efficiencies and increased project control which is achieved and all parties involved.

We at H4 are already leading the way in this process, and hopefully creating a better industry with more professionalism, less risk for all the project partners, and we hope that we can be of assistance to you bringing your vision to reality.

For more information about how Building Information Modelling please refer www.buildingsmart.org.au/campaigns/the-national-bim-initiative

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