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H4 High Performance Homes

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You’ll never want to live in a “standard home” again.

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H4 Living High Performance Homes Will Transform The Way You Live

H4 Living is leading the way in designing & building High-performance custom homes that are healthier for occupants, amazingly comfortable, beautifully designed, and greatly reduce harmful effects on the environment.

H4 Standard

Average Upgrade Cost Difference

*Estimates are approximately only and are based on a 350m2 Custom Home with building costs$2.350m2

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H4 Premium 6 Star+ Homes

Building codes have slowly been improving with the introduction of the “Star” Ratings.

Due to the lack of verification measures not required by the code, unfortunately has been found that homes that were supposing to perform at “6 star level” are only performing at half that amount, people are not actually getting what they are paying for.

The result is the mold epidemic in most cities, under performing, too hot, too cold and continue to be energy guzzlers.

H4 Living has introduced (H4 Premium 6 Star +) building specification that is already above” the minimum standard requirements”, regardless of design and building budget. We don’t compromise in our standards.

H4 High Performance Home

As the name suggests, High Performance Homes perform better, use up to less than 60% energy compared to the conventional “standard“, are healthier for its occupants, have fresh filtered clean air, remain super comfortable all year round, and can be more affordable than you think.

We apply similar design-build techniques and technology used in a “PassivHaus“ without the rigorous certification.

If price is more important than official certification, the H4 High Performance Home provides outstanding energy efficiency, health and year-round comfort comparable to a passive -certified home.

H4 Certified Passive Home “PassivHaus”.

A passive certified home, uses The International Passive House Standard, homes must meet a set of verifiable criteria set by the PassivHaus Institute (PHI).

PassivHaus certification’s main benefit is the rigorous quality assurance and performance tests the home is required to meet. From design details, all the way through to airtightness, tests are conducted both during and after construction.

PassivHaus certification is achieved by a third-party verification to keep Designers and Builders accountable. Here at H4 we hope that Australia will make this building standard compulsory.

H4 Living encourages PassivHaus certification, the additional cost is your guarantee that you have the best building standard in the world.

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High Performance Homes
Can Be Achieved with any design or building budget

By utilising the 4 key principles of performance (ventilation, air tightness, materials & insulation), you can achieve super liveability and energy consumption with any style, design or budget.

Explore why you should consider a H4 High Performance / PassivHaus Home.

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  • Can be achieved with any Design Style or Building Budget.
  • There are absolutely no restrictions on size or architectural styles, this is due to the fact that our building standard concentrates on a few key building elements from proven and tested building science technology.

  • Future Proofed – Significantly Lower Carbon Emissions
  • Passive Homes produce significantly less energy than conventional homes, resulting in radically reduced CO2 emissions, making this is the most sustainable building standard in the world (no green wash). You save on energy and improve your life-style whilst reducing carbon emissions. This is the positive change the world needs to reduce global warming.

  • Heathier Home – Less Dust, Pollens & Allergens
  • Due to air tightness, energy recovery ventilation systems, controlled temperatures & humidity plus filtered fresh, you will be living and breathing a perfectly healthy environment, minimising levels of dust, mold and pollens. The health benefits have been documented in several articles from people around the world living in PassivHaus homes; reduced illnesses, better sleeping patterns, less asthma and allergies have all been reported.

  • A Quiet Haven – Highly Reduced Noise Levels
  • By default, the higher quality of external materials insulates the outside noise, making your home noticeably quieter.

  • Unreal Comfort – Set Temperatures & Humidity all year Round.
  • You may have lived and experienced houses overheating in summer and freezing in winter, two level homes with upper level temperatures 15 degrees higher than the bottom level, the list goes on in Australia… Now imagine temperatures 20-25 degrees regardless of outside weather in both summer & winter, using minimal energy consumption.YES, it’s possible with a H4 High Performance Passive Home.

  • Lifetime Energy Savings – Ultra Low Energy Consumption
  • By creating a sealed thermal envelope, minimal heating and cooling is required, therefore dramatically reducing your energy bills comparatively to standard building codes.This reduction in energy has nothing to do with solar panels, solar is considered a bonus! This innovative technology results in much lower monthly energy bills, providing families a lifetime of savings.

  • Indoor Air Quality – Filtered Fresh Air (No Cold or Hot Draughts)
  • The importance of indoor air quality that affects human health can not be underestimated. Concentration of pollutants indoors are 4 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations, and people now spend 90% more time indoors. With A H4 High Performance PassiveHaus, the risk of pollutants is reduced drastically due to our recovery ventilation systems.

  • Proven Tested Measured – 65,000 PassivHaus Projects Worldwide ✔
  • Would over 65,000 passivehaus TM projects built and tested worldwide be enough to convince you it’s the best building standard in the world? A holistic approach from design to construction is required, there are very clear definitions and requirements set by the PassivHaus institute, and this has continually been proven from concept to completion.



  • How to avoid home building budget blowouts.
  • Why you shouldn’t fall in love with an “off the shelf” floor plan.
  • Healthy Home = Healthy Family – protect the people you love.
  • Why PassivHaus – the fastest growing building performance standard in the world.

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