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  • How to avoid home building budget blowouts.
  • Why you shouldn’t fall in love with an “off the shelf” floor plan.
  • Healthy Home = Healthy Family – protect the people you love.
  • Why PassivHaus – the fastest growing building performance standard in the world.

Experience a new level of service

H4 was created to help our clients achieve better solutions for their home design and building needs.

Our holistic approach from concept to completion is superior to conventional building systems. It gives you with incredible value, including trained building teams, solid building guarantees, and on- and off-site precision-engineered manufacturing and trained building teams. We’ve also partnered with a range of national suppliers, trusted brands.

While many project home builders have beautiful display homes, they often lack flexibility in their designs as well as build quality. And counting on a single supervisor who is looking after 15-20 builds simultaneously might not be the best approach to building your dream home.

The traditional residential designer’s approach can be fantastic; there are forward-thinking genius designers out there, but only some of us can afford them. H4 offers you a valuable solution where your needs come first and there is no compromise on design or quality, all with a single point of contact.

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